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This is a handcrafted, natural deodorant that contains simple and effective ingredients. We use reusable, glass jars and we ship using only compostable and recyclable packaging. Sustainability is very important here at Heart + Space so we thank you for supporting our mission!

Keep in mind that it is not an antiperspirant. Most antiperspirants use harsh chemicals in order to properly interfere with what your body naturally does (and needs): sweat!

How to use:

Using fingers, apply by rubbing a pea-sized amount directly on clean underarm, once to twice daily as needed.


This jar will last you up to five months, depending on the frequency of use. Deodorant consistency remains stable at room temperature. Please reuse your jar. You can also mail it back for a refill!


Mint to Be: Mint

Naked: Unscented

Main Squeeze: Citrus

Plant Lady: Woodsy/Earthy


Arrowroot Powder

Shea Butter

Coconut Oil

Baking Soda

Essential Oils



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Additional information

Weight 6.8 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1.58 in

Main Squeeze, Mint to Be, Plant Lady, Naked, Custom Order

6 reviews for Natural Deodorant Jar

  1. T.L.

    Have the “naked” scent and adore the packaging. Simple, minimal and durable. Scent smells exactly as stated and is unscented! Have yet to try the deodorant as I am detoxing my armpits currently. Keep in mind if you’re switching over to natural ingredients- always a good idea to detox prior so the product can be more effective. I love that the ingredients are clean and most importantly, where it is sourced! You can tell that a lot of love and thought is put into the product/packaging. Thank you Dana!

  2. Jenny

    I have never tried natural deoderants for the sole fact that I figured my body odor was just going to overpower it and I’d lose my fresh scent earlier in the morning than planned. This deoderants lasted a good amount of time for me. I had to reapply in the evening but I think that was mostly for the fact that I enjoyed the random bursts of citrus I’d get throughout the day. Support small business and get yourself one!
    Only issue I had was using my fingers, I just think it’s gross to rub my armpits with my fingers, don’t like the feel of that haha so I used a small make up sponge. Glides on like a dream.

  3. Sharon T.

    Disclaimer: I received this product (Main Squeeze) for free as part of a giveaway. However, my review is honest as I have been on the hunt for the perfect natural deodorant for two years.

    Firstly, the shipping materials and product packaging are of high quality and weight. I was thoroughly impressed by the jar and will definitely wash and reuse it once the product runs out.

    The product formula is AMAZING. I don’t throw that word around loosely, either. It’s so so so good. I LOVE that it is a creamy (read: not pasty) formula that turns to oil that dries down QUICKLY. It has a nice scent that isn’t too strong (which means it doesn’t attach itself to my clothing for the next 10 years despite 100 loads of washing it.) Best of all, there is no skin irritation from the baking soda. In fact, it actually is helping to lighten the PIH in my underarms. It also does not stain my clothes with a greasy residue like other natural pasty deodorants.

    I would recommend using this product for days when running quick errands, a night out, or lounging around the house. I personally would need something stronger for highly active days.

    Overall, this is a wonderful product and I plan to reorder!

  4. Sadie

    This is the second brand of natural deodorant that I’ve tried, I love that Heart + Space is 100% eco friendly, all the way down to the packaging. I got the scent main squeeze and it is very uplifting and fresh. The fact that I had to apply the deodorant with my hands was a little inconvenient but worth it because it’s in a glass jar that can be recycled as opposed to a plastic container that gets thrown out. The only problem I had with this deodorant is that it didn’t last all day for me. Maybe I needed to detox a little more or maybe the scent just didn’t sit well with my body chemistry (the owner told me either could be the case) but I would have to reapply half way through the day. I am going to keep trying to detox but if that doesn’t work I think in the future I will try a different scent to see if it works better for me. Overall I think that Heart + Space is an amazing brand made by a woman who cares so much about not only the environment but also her customers. She is really caring & honest and I love that!

  5. Shriya Suresh

    I have been recently swapping out my Skincare products to clean, toxic free products and I’m so glad I got a chance to get my hands on Heart + Space natural deodorant in the variant Main squeeze. Let’s first talk about the simple eco friendly glass packaging which I love, one bottle can easily come for few months. The next thing I want to emphasize is the amazing texture of this deo and the simple natural ingredients – its a bit like a whipped creamy texture that melts on skin. I love the texture compared to any other natural deo out there. The fragrance is an amazing citrus perfectly unisex and very refreshing as well. It’s been two months of regular usage and I must say heart + earth has overall outdone all my expectations and got me a holy grail deo that I’m going to keep coming back to.

  6. Kristen Graham

    This is the first natural deodorant that I have ever used, and I was a little nervous to even go natural. I have to say that this is super easy to use, and it keeps me feeling fresh all day! It goes on smooth plus it smells great. I apply it once in the morning, and go about my day. This is a solid choice for a natural deodorant!

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