for the good of people

simple and effective ingredients that you can pronounce.

(and that are good and safe for our bodies.).

Shea Butter

a moisturizer that contains antioxidants and vitamins E and A

Coconut Oil

an antimicrobial with rich Fatty Acids and antioxidants

Arrowroot Powder

a plant-derived powder that absorbs oils and sweat

Sodium Bicarbonate
(Baking Soda)

a natural mineral that neutralizes odors

our ingredients are

We value environmental sustainability and ethical business practices. This is why we've chosen to source our ingredients and packaging from businesses that have implemented zero waste policies in their facilities. Best of all, most of our vendors have both
Fair Trade and Fair For Life certifications.

for the good of the planet

guilt-free packaging

Product Pakacing

our product labels are made of unbleached sugarcane pulp.
our deodorant tubes are made of recycled and compostable materials.

Mailing Packaging

our mailers are recyclable, compostable
and sealed with water-activated, recyclable tape.